Stay Networked

MAU would like to bring together entrepreneurs from five manufacturing sectors: Networking is an exclusive event for the leaders of manufacturing firms that the MAU Service supports. Sector networking has been designed to help leaders embed the experience of working with the manufacturing Business to achieve their goals and continue on their growth journey. Accordingly, The sector networking established on the following sectors;

Agro-processing networking,
Textile and Garments networking
Leather and leather products networking
Metal and Engineering networking and
Chemical networking

These networks will have meetings every month and provide business opportunity reports presentations on business and trade opportunities, market developments and new technologies/innovations, sustainable development, diversification, enhancing skills, trading conditions, and other opportunities.


  • Exclusive events with other high sector leaders,
  • Access to extra marketing along supply chains,
  • Research, reports and industry insight,
  • Advocacy service for issues identified under sector networks and
  • When it comes to promoting your business and making new contacts, networking can support you by connecting you with a wide range of businesses.

Do you want to participate in sector networking events? Please register by contacting us.