Service Delivery Time

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Service Delivery Time


Public Sector Service Deliver Time

Type of services   Delivery Time Fee/Birr
Registration of trade of firm name   1 hour 25
Alteration /Amendment of a company name   1 hour 80
Issuance of substitute cettificate of a comany name   1 hour 50
Notarization of memorandum and Articles of association   3 hours 652
Amendment/change of memorandum and articles of association   3 hours 160
Issuance of commercial registration   3 hours 100
Amendment/change of commercial registration   3 hours 80
Replacement of substitution of commercial registration   1 hours 50
Cancellation of commercial registration   5 working days 50
Issuance of investment permit    3 hours 600
Investment permit(Expansion)   18 working days 300
Renewal of investment permit (New Investment/Expansion investment)   2 working days 200/100
Amendment /change of investment permit   3 hours 100
Issuance of work permit   2 hours 2000
Renewal of work permit   1 hour 1500
Substitute of work permit   1 hour 1200
Registration of issuance of Certificate for technology transfer agreement   3 hours 200

Registration of a collaboratio agreement concluded by a domestic investor with export oriented non-equity

foreign enterprise

  2 hours 100
Grading of construction contacting   3 working days 5000
Issuance of Business licence   10 working days 100