Export Advice

Looking for Export Market?

Whether you are looking at exporting for the first time or breaking into new regional or global markets, MAU advisers can develop your capability to undertake international trade, and access to overseas markets under preferential tariff margin. These are the main regional and international markets you can access with preferential margins.  

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control point (HACCP) System Guideline

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)

Ethiopia is member of COMESA with 10% tariffs applied to intra-Comesa trade originating in member countries than to extra-regional trade.

Ethiopia- Sudan Preferential Trade Agreements (PTA)

The two countries signed bilateral free trade agreement to make trade under zero tariff to all industrial and agricultural products originated from both countries.

Everything But Arms (EBA)

EU unilateral trade initiative granting zero rate to all Ethiopian originated products except armament.

General Systems of Preference (GSP)

Under GSP program industrialized countries grant autonomous trade preferences to all developing countries. The countries granted preference to Ethiopia products are EU, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Norway New Zealand, Turkey and Russia  

African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA)

Duty free access to the U.S. market under the combined AGOA/GSP program stands at 6400 products tariff lines, including the approximate 1,800 products tariff lines that were added to the GSP by AGOA legislation.

China, Korea and India preferential trade arrangements

These countries grant unilateral trade preference to least developed African countries. 95 % of Ethiopian export products  are benefiting from the program.

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