Access To Utilities

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Access to utilities

Access to Utilities to water, electricity and telecommunication are provide by public enterprises. If you establish your manufacturing investement in industrial zones, utilities are avilable when you rent shed in industrial zone. Otherwise, it is adviced to apply for supply of utilities at an early stage. Each sector has its own procedure and time to deliver the services.

1. Electricity Supply

  • The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) provides electric power and supplies transformers and meters.
  • To get electricity supply need to file application with EEPCo office and submit the following documents:
    • 1. A copy of the investment license,
    • 2. A blueprint of the electricity layout of the project prepared by a certified electrician and
    • 3. A letter addressed to the local EEPCo office indicating the power needed for the business.
  • The procedure can take up to 6 months before EEPCo installs the equipment for high voltage request.
  • Regularly visiting the EEPCo office does help speed up the process.Ethiopian Electric Utility Service Procedures and Requirements.pdf


2. Access to Water Supply

  • Private commercial companies drill water for enterprises,
  • To find such companies around areas closer to your manufacturing investment area.
  • You only need to check at the Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy for names and addresses of possible service suppliers.
  • To contact the MWR, visit its website at


3. Access to Telecommunications Services

  • Fixed, mobile lines and internet services can be access from the public sector Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation.
  • For mobile service there is closed user group (CUG) option. It is a service offered to high mobile users.
  • To get telecommunication services need to file application with ETC office and submit the following documents:
    • 1. A copy of currently renewed investment/trade license (except government, religious institutions and special cases for organization under formation)  and
    • 2. Athorized service requist letter addressed to ETC with detail of products/services, name of representative person with his/her ID number and Stamp of the organization.For the details of the products and services please read this link  Products and services of Ethiotelecom.pdf


4. Costs of public utilities

The factor costs published by the Ethiopian Investment Commission on annual basis intended for investors. It has a section on the costs of public utilities. For a sample, you can review the publication for 2014 at:


5. Seek for support with access to utilities

Do you need assistance to to access utilities? Indicate so in the Investment Permit application form and the comission will help you .