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Pharmaceutical manufacturing supply chain conducted

The 3rd Pharmaceutical manufacturing supply chain was held at Elili International Hotel, December 15, 2016 organized by AACCSA. The event was part of the manufacturing advisory service network establishment activities and prepared for the purpose of unleash the potential of pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. At the event several critical issues raised by the manufacturers, suppliers and importers of the sector to the concerned government bodies. Issues was presented by Wondwossen Assefa (MD) to  FBPIDI, Customs Authority, Banks and PFSA.

Some of the critical concerns raised by the sector are:- Activities in harmonizing stakeholder institutes, Industrial parks for pharmaceuticals, Aligning the incentives promised for local manufacturers, Privileges for pharmaceuticals, Issues in medical equipment spare parts, Safety of medicine during shipping/storage and clearance, Exorbitant tariff on pharmaceuticals, Priority for foreign currency for import, Dedicate foreign currency for pharmaceuticals, Foreign currency for capital goods, pharmaceutical manufacturing priority area for long term loan, Demand aggregation and forecast, Contract management of PFSA are the main areas raised. The concerned government body tried to respond to each respective issue.