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3rd Round call for Business to Business Linkage Fund Application

The World Bank and the Government of Ethiopia designed “The Competitiveness and Job Creation Project (CJC)”. The project is funded by the World Bank and aimed at contributing to job creation by attracting investments and improving enterprise competitiveness in the  Industrial Parks. The implementation agency is Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC). The project comprises of four mutually-reinforcing components:

  1. Institutional and Regulatory Framework and Capacity Building;
  2. Support for industrial infrastructure;
  3. Enhancing industrial park linkages to the local economy;
  4. Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation.

The B2B Fund was created to address the building constraints that hinder domestic enterprises from being suppliers or sub-contractors for bigger firms within the industrial parks. The CJC project has allocated resources for the B2B fund over the project period to be support eligible private firms. Funds will also be used to cover administrative costs for the management of the fund.

Management of the fund: the B2B linkage fund will be headed by a BB fund Manager, who shall report to the public-private steering committee (PPSC), Consisting of representatives from the relevant public agencies and the private sector, which oversees the implementation and performance of the program.

Type of support to firms: Eligible firms and selected firms will receive grants from the B2B fund to cover a proportion of the implementation cost of the integrated linkage development plan, which is intended to help enhance the capacity of local firms to establish business linkages with firms within the industrial parks. This linkages Development plan will be developed or audited by the third-party firm. The fund will cover costs for skills training, equipment upgrading, compliance training, and product certification.

Eligibility Criteria:A private firm or a group of private firms who meet the criteria below are eligible to apply for the B2B Fund:

1 Must be legally licensed by pertinent government body, operating a bank account and has audited financial statement.

2. Employing fewer than 500 full time persons.

3. Operating in leather, textile and garments sectors or in ancillary services demanded by firms operating in the industrial parks, such as supplying accessory, packaging, machinery, and other      inputs, spare parts, equipment, etc.

According to this project a private firm is one where either:

 [a] private interests own the firm even if no shares have been issued ,or

 [b]private interests control majority of the voting shares or ownership of asset is private either absolute or on the basis of a lease of at least five years duration.

Interested firms meeting the above criteria should complete a qualification questionnaire that can be downloaded from must be submitted before September 06, 2017

For further Information: - Tel 0116-616583