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Investment ProcedureRegistration

Doing business in Ethiopia requires business registration and licensing. If you have a plan to invest in manufacturing sector in Ethiopia as a foreign investor, domestic investor or a partnership of foreign and domestic investor, be aware about the investment regulation of the country.  To have basic information on how to start manufacturing business in Ethiopia, have a Guide Here.
A Guide to Start Manufacturing Business in Ethiopia_v2.3_.pdf
MAU conducted a study on how can do business in Ethiopia, it is very useful study to unlock the business potential of the country. Have a look on the publication menu. These are major requirements to invest.

Capital Requirement

If you are a foreign investor the minimum requirement is US Dollar 200,000 for a single investment project; The minimum capital requirement for a foreign investor investing jointly with domestic investors shall be US Dollar 150,000. For Further Information Please Refer the Proclamation


Areas of Investment

Investment areas allowed for foreign investors are described on the regulation. 

Investment Regulation_270_2012.pdf

Investment Incentives

To encourage private investment and promote the inflow of foreign capital and technology into Ethiopia, the government grants capital goods duty free incentives, tax holiday for domestic and foreign investors. If you plan to engage in export, you can utilize the export incentive schemes and if you produce for domestic market you may also benefit from lower duty rate for raw material importation. MOFED Directive No.45/2008 of Second Schedule tariff incentives is attached second schedule directive 45.2008, MOFED. If you need more detail information and advice, please contact us: